Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 58-Good Morning Starshine! It's Saturday!

It must be about 6:30/7:00 a.m.-ish when I hear footsteps coming toward my side of the room.   I open my eyes to see dark shoes beneath the curtain and think it's my hubby John.   I then look up toward the edge of the curtain and a smiling, ball cap clad Dr. S appears.   "Hello" I say, and think it's nice to see him in "civies"...but scrubs, etc., it's all just fine by me!   ...Back to reality, "Good morning!", he says and "How are you doing Catherine?".   I reply that I'm doing pretty good and sits on the edge of my bed next to my arm.  He lets me know he has spoken with John and shared that what he could see following the surgery looks very good, but of course we will have to wait for Pathology results.  Very good means no enlarged nodes, or discolouration.  He is signing me out and we may go home as soon as everything is prepared, ie: dressings changed, i.v done, etc. .   I enjoy a good breakfast and John arrives at about 9 a.m..  They are busy this morning and my day nurse  Lynn, apologizes and says she'll come back shortly to ready me to go home.   John and I talk and go over what Dr. S has shared with us, very hopeful sounding news.   I soon fall back asleep and then after some time Nurse Lynn returns.   She's apologetic but no need to be I enjoyed the chance to go back to sleep once more.
She removes the I.V, redresses the wounds; the incision and the opening where the drain tube extends from my body and packs up supplies to send to our home for the Home Care Team coming in.   I will miss the I.V drip cocktail, though Dr. S has kindly prepared two prescriptions for me in order to afford some level of sleep and comfort at home.

We are finally on our way home around noon.  We stop at the pharmacy to fill the prescriptions from Dr. S.
It's good to be home.   Funny thing being in the hospital sounds restful in theory, but it never really is as restful as you imagine.  All the goings on, the "night noise" in the halls and well intended interuptions in checking on patients, or patients calling out to nursing staff.   I have to say, I was in very good hands and couldn't have asked for better people to care for me.   Pre surgery to Post surgery  everyone was so wonderful.

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