Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Blog to blog...presurgical happy!

I've had a lovely evening with a very Dear tummy and heart are full after an evening of catching up and doing so while indulging in some very yummy food!
I've come home to read another very Dear Friends recent blogs and my heart and soul just filled up with happy thoughts and tunes!
While I've only publicly karaoked once, I feel a surge of such "Happy Thoughts" I imagine a greater courage than typical of myself and a desire to attend a karaoke and sing out loud and proud!  Wow, good friends, great food and many happy thoughts make for a fantastic boost in self confidence!  Until I make it out to another Karaoke night....this is what I have come up with in how a blog post impacted me and the "dancing" I'm doing in my heart and thoughts...even with a little clutsy in my stylin' steps!

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