Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 13 - Piering to Pause

Just as expected today was a VERY busy day.  The morning started off looking like a quiet calm day, not so typical of a Tuesday.   Typical, then arrived with great furor!
My final Mother Goose wrapped up and I ended with a layout of water, fruit and yogurt and lemon crisps.  It was a wonderful group, I only feel badly as I hadn't given them their certificates!   Dope!  I will see a number of the moms and was sure to encourage a new mom who joined the group, to keep coming back!

Between program times afternoon/evening I am afforded the loveliest long overdue return to the pier at the lake and arranging my seat, fluffing the little pillow we keep in the car and pulling the super soft red and blue blanket from the back seat, settle in for what would be the next 45 minutes.  I lock the doors, just in case; I hear my Mother's voice reminding me I should be careful!  In no time I have fallen asleep, awakening to the sound of a seagull screeching and it is 4:15 p.m .   I feel such accomplishment.  The petty cash cheque for work cashed, a treat purchased at the Dutch Oven and nap at the pier with plenty of time to get to the school, I've made very good use of the time.   I want to nap there every day, but I don't get that time to be away from the centre for a break.   I reminisce about my contract days working with two very lovely little boys with Autism.   I worked one week in PH and the other in Cobourg and had a REAL lunch!  Well, off I go!

This evenings Winners went well.  Dinner, turkey pot pie loose with delicious tea biscuits and our lovely Shelley from the HKPR served up fruit kabobs and yogurt for the snack.  I had a wonderful little boy call out to me from down the hall before leaving, "Can I hug you?" and then ran and leapt into my arms with a big smile and a wrap around me kind of hug!   That, made the whole evening so very worth while!  <3
We do our cleanup, sum up the evening and all head home.
I walk in ...head upstairs and there are my jammies and our lovely feline friend Cloud; age 13, full of cuddles and snuggles.
John reminds me I have 'til 10 p.m and then it's bedtime.   I say, "Yes mastah!" ...and he is reminding me again now.   It's kind of him but I feel slightly annoyed.  I think I want a bedtime snack and a drink first.

I talked with my daughter tonight we are both looking forward to the weekend.  We need a get out and have a roaring good time kind of release!   Soon enough! ...or not nearly soon enough!  But soon.
I must call my Mom and then it's bedtime.

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