Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 7 - Happy Thoughts and Brotherly love

Today marks one week since I entered into the world of cancer ...up close and personal.   Today has gone fairly well, nothing really to complain about...o.k, I'm sure there's something but just the "ordinary" complaints; re: I'm tired, I wish I had more time at home, I'd like to start painting our bedroom, the day feels long, what did I bring for lunch today...etc.!   The "c" word steals the ability to whine about the crazy mundane little things and REALLY makes you think about what you really have a beef with...the possibility that one might have less time to complain about the mundane!   ...but let's not go that route, it's just not fathomable and at this point just wastes time, when all I need is positivity and good vibes!
I called my brother tonight and he did get my message about the cookies beneath the bbq cover and did enjoy them; all to himself!   My note however seems to have been gifted to the winds and carried off and away.  We talked about his snowmobile adventures, well, the lack of this year, but that he did very recently enjoy a trip to the north...finding the snow at Paudash and Cardiff.  I love the sound of a trip along forested trails in the snow...the hum of the snowmobiles and holding on tight as the winds nip at you along the way.
I remember my brother's first snowmobile; a Rupp and loving the opportunity to have a quick trip on the north road at Elizabethville to Oak Hill and back.   There in too lies a fave memory from home there in Elizabethville...snowy winter nights and snowmobilers driving past and as they did of course it interfered with the tv reception, but thankfully only momentarily!
Eventually I tell him about the melanoma and he knews some information about that and I remind him; as our Mom would, to have any moles checked regularly.   My brother is a freckle covered curly top red head!  He asks my surgical date and a couple of other questions and wishes me well in the outcome and we'll talk again soon.  Now each of my family knows and the 'secret beast' seems somehow less threatening!  Reminds me of a children's story, "Harry and the Terrible Whatsit!"; Dick Gackenbach, which my children may recall me reading to them when they were very young.

I don't tell someone tonight when we have time together because it seems unnecessary to bring up the topic as they prepare for a wonderful carefree holiday.   I will let them know later so don't wish to post anything here until I know they are well on their way to paradise far away and free of any electronic cares!
It's been a pretty good day overall.   Tomorrow is a training day once again at the United Way offices and I am ready and know I will be fine this week.   We won't have to talk about the melanoma at all; they found out last week as you may have read, and the day will be a positive focus on an upcoming program we will be doing in a kindergarten class for ten weeks.  That 's exciting and I will welcome the change in pace.

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