Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 12 The Survival Guide- Work can work

It's Monday.   I really would like a little more weekend, but "sorry" I say to myself as I climb out of bed, "You have to go to work!".
It's probably a very good thing I'm going to work otherwise this feels like it could be one of those days; return of the teary eyed!   If I were home I might be foolish enough to pop in Elton John's love songs just for the excuse to cry at great length, because I can.
Instead, it's off to work and prepare for a busy week ahead.
The day rolls out pretty good, it's busy for a Monday and I have a Mother Goose group to do for TEAM at the East High school at 12:30.   It's a good group and they seem receptive to learning the songs and actually listening to my story telling.   They are even somewhat receptive to retelling the story in a round.  I enjoy the chance to have time away from our main site, it's a distraction.
Before leaving I talk with a co-worker about things that are a little unsettling in my world these days, but don't tell her about my upcoming surgery; not the right place/time.   We hug and know we'll be fine and I'll be back next week and for three more weeks following that; I think!

On the way home I stop to check on my friends cat, there is plenty of food in her dish, litter box scooped and I sit in the centre of the floor to see if she might just take a chance and come out to see me.   She never appears. I have a few more days to try.  I check the house, bring in mail and head home.

I'm exhausted today and in conversation with my hubby express worries about things happening within the family and then, crap...the tears find their way!   Hugs...hugs are to me what chocolate is to me...I can't bear to turn one down and never want there to be an end!  Hugs are like a recipe that includes all of your favourite ingredients.   I'm going to be fine.

Tonight I have decided "for" sharing my medical status with two most wonderful friends, whom I met while with the theatre.   I value their friendship so much and just feel like I need them to know.   I'm so happy to have made that decision, it's a little more weight lifted off my shoulders.   The Whatzit gets smaller, the heart grows happier and more assured because I have these wonderful people I know I can talk with and don't have to feel cautioned of what I share in doing so.  They will be the ones I share the the laughter  with as much as I share the tears!  This is where the greatest strength comes from, having those you love right there for you...to laugh with, fall into, cry with...just be there in complete silence if needed.   They're the best you could ever imagine having in your circle.

I sit at the computer and search for my Mother Goose file and can't find it.  I produce a new one and proceed to make a collection of the many rhymes, fingerplays and songs I have done with my group, which will include words so they can refer to and learn them well long after our sessions are done.  I am up way too late doing this but spend more time on it than planned; not a surprise.   I will include in their packages, two sheets for sign language with their tots.  One a simple ASL alphabet they can practice just for fun and the other a collection of simple words to introduce ASL/Baby sign to their children and will remind them of the importance of verbal and sign combined to ensure they are encouraging both sign and verbal speech in their children's development.

An additional project tonight in putting together a sampling of photos of my younger sons design works, design sketches, fashion show photos, etc.; old and new, showing the great strides of growth in his work.  One of the moms in my session is looking to open shop by spring featuring local artisans and designers.  We have been chatting with each of her visits and she would like to see Chris' work.

Tomorrow is a busy day with as mentioned my final Mother Goose and late afternoon 4:30 to 7:30, the Winners program at St. Joes.   We haven't a large group this time 'round, but those coming out are appreciative of all the activities and we have some very crafty moms taking home as much "creative product" as their children.
Here's to an earlier bedtime tomorrow and coming home to my jammies!

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