Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 9 - P(re-)Op Quiz and some Carefree, compliments of the Cabaret

This morning I slept in until 7:45 a.m, at which time John woke me greeting me with a coffee at bedside and making sure I was alert and ready to get ready for our appt. at the hospital.
I was ready pretty quickly and off we went, a notepad of questions, all of my prescriptions and vitamins bagged for their inspection and hoping for a breakfast treat following the appt. before returning to my duties at work.

Like most such appointments it's the "hurry up and wait" game.   But like we know as parents there were times we likely did the very same to our children-not meaning too, but it's an inevitable thing now and again in life and we know this will happen again following the surgery in waiting to hear back the results.
Mary Anne calls to me to follow her to the lab for some blood work and asks if I will find my way back to the A.C., and I assure her I will be able to.   The blood work is quick though the nurse there tells me she can see the vein but is having a difficult time pinning it down to get the needle in and even once in has to rub it/lightly pinch to get the blood flowing.
Upon return to the A.C, it's a short time before the chipper Mary Anne calls to both of us to join her.   Lots of questions, temp taken, weight; she promises to keep it confidential, height; at 5' 6", and blood pressure taken; all is good.   There are a barrage of questions which I went through following the removal of my stitches two weeks ago and they are asked yet again, answers the same!
She then has me empty out my pills/vitamins and we go through those too!
John asks what happens should the lymph nodes come back positive for further evidence of melanoma, but that question must be saved for the surgeon to answer she says.   We are welcome to call and ask specific questions, but I'm really not sure I want to ask at this point.  The other question, will I need more than the weekend to recover from the surgery?   It takes place on the Friday and I figure I'll be back on Monday, she refers to the surgeon again.    Oh well, we shall see.
My next appt. is with my own doctor, Mar. 5th and to have the medical history completed and faxed to the hospital on completion of that visit.
John wishes to take me to Wimpy's for a good breakfast but I suggest we make do with a quicky; he,he...breakfast...the meal, at McDonald's and I should then make my way to work, it's nearly circle time.
John relinquishes and that's what we do.  I would love to stall as today is going to be a long day and as it turns out, even longer than I think.
Thank heaven for Friday...despite the long day it ends with a wonderful night with hubby, our beautiful daughter and her fiance as we attend the Northumberland Players production of Cabaret!   No time for me to have dinner with the late departure from work, but I fill up on the music and feast for the eyes that the set, costumes, dancing and fabulous cast are!   All the months of work pay off; as always, in such a stunning show!   Kudos to the cast and crew in their Fabulous evening of entertainment!   One can quickly forget their cares at Cabaret! very happily!  :)

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