Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 8 - The burden gets lighter

Today went very well.   I enjoyed our training day and had a chance to speak with the teacher with whom I will be working with and at some point in the conversation felt comfortable enough to tell her what was happening when she arrived last week.  I know she must surely have noticed the upset and small gathering outside the room upon her arrival.   Each time I share it feels a little less dark and menacing and I can't help but feel a stronger and stronger sense of positive thoughts.
I always look forward to Thursday evenings, somehow more than Friday there is the build of relief in knowing just one more day before the freedom of the weekend will be upon us.   That coupled with the chance to be home and talk more openly among ourselves about what lies ahead and without the concern of curious onlookers in the event I crumble again is such a great comfort.  
Tomorrow though John will accompany me to the Pre-Op Assessment Clinic at the hospital.   He has taken the day off...though not I.   He will take me for a "treat" after before I must return to my duties.

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