Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 14 - A Melting Pot of thoughts.

I begin the day feeling just completed exhausted.   I end the day feeling the very same, even having had a brief 10 minute siesta in the big comfy pleather chair at work; from 2:15 to 2:30.   It wasn't long but oh how I needed it.  I may do the same but that full half hour tomorrow before entering into the afternoon realm of child care.  The kids really tire me out!

This morning once again started off very quietly and THEN, it picked up rather suddenly!   I had the good fortune of being a volunteer for belaying training for the climbing wall!  That was cool and a bit of a rush!  First attempt I climbed about half way up, was a little "freaked out" and thought I might have to be brought down by a second climber, but was fine!  Lori the belayer trainee was great!   I did a second and third attempt and nearly made it to the final set of yellow rocks at the top, missing the opportunity to push the easy button by about three steps/rocks!   My arms were shaky; especially my bum arm = tennis elbow, and my legs were a little jello like!   This could be a brand new addiction.   It was a great distraction from my own mind and from the usual happening to occupy my mind and time on a Wednesday morning.   Immediately following my wall climb, it was time to set up the gym for Let's Get Physical, a program children and parents alike are very excited about; it really tires the kids out.   ; )

On my way home today I had the first "in-car" tears in several days.   Just a melting pot of thoughts; so much happening these days I'm surprised I'm not having daily tear fests in the car!   I stopped to pick up some items at the grocery store, including soft cat food and soft kitty treats.  Our cat Cloud seems unusually thin these days and somewhat frail in his manner and activity.  I have made an appt. with Nancy; our vet, tomorrow afternoon.
I know he is getting older but this recent change in him seems to have happened rather suddenly.  I do hope he's o.k.!   I bought the softer food just in case there are any teeth issues or such. Our son Chris brought Cloud home as a kitten, found at the petting zoo at the Port Hope Fair, I think Chris was ten years old at the time.   Cloud has been such a lovely cat, was mentored by the wonderful Lucky; R.I.P, and has mentored others since.   A great mouser, the most cuddly fellow and when really happy to cuddle likes to "nuzzle" your eye lids, or nip your brow!   Love him so.

I'm looking at the calendar and realize Monday I have an appt. with my family doctor and hope to cull some answers that were unanswered at the pre-op appt. last Friday.

Before jumping into my jammies I had run to my friends house to check on her cat.  Again I don't see the cat but actually think I may have heard her in the bedroom.   I leave a handmade notecard and joke that I wonder if there really is a cat, but I hope so, otherwise there are very hungry mice living in the house, but on the upside they appear to be litter trained!

Well, it's hump day and we're one day closer to the weekend!  YAY!   I remain exhausted so must bid you good night my dear friends; John will be telling me it's 10:00 p.m shortly.  Do you remember that on the news on a Friday night, the newscaster saying, "It's eleven o'clock do you know where your children are?", I do and my Mother instantly doing a run down of mine and my four siblings whereabouts.  Sleep well.  xo

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