Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 3 - The Telling Days

Last night we Skyped our two younger children, they share an apt. .  We had hoped they could both come home  on the weekend but our son is not able to.   I will feel much better knowing each of them knows...let the "secret beast" out and you become the greater power.  It certainly isn't something you ever imagine telling anyone.  Our son and daughter had some inkling something was up due to my having asked our son if he might be able to make it home this weekend, knowing he is working two jobs now and that wasn't a choice he could make.   There were tears and we ended the call with them sharing a hug...which did my heart so much good knowing they will be there for each other.

This morning started off as usual with routine rolling along and then suddenly without warning the tears began and I hadn't even found myself in the car yet.   This was additional minutes for teary eyes beyond the 5 minute drive to Cobourg in said condition.
Upon arriving at my destination...this morning at the United Way offices for a staff training event for a few of us. I thought I had pulled it together but proved myself wrong.   Upon entering the room and someone asking if everything was alright...yes, I crumbled.
Did I mention I work with some of the most supportive and understanding people ever?  They gave me the time I needed, to talk, to calm and then I returned to the room and went on with the rest of the day.
The evening would be a little harder, or I thought so as I headed to my parents to tell them about my latest adventure.   I pulled myself together and decided I would put on my strongest unafraid and confident all will be well front.   It was successful and while of course concerned they too held it together well.   I have had enough tears and breakdowns already and really needed to feel together if only briefly and if only in helping them to as well...for a short time!

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