Monday, February 27, 2012

Just some Happy(ness) to Go Please.

It's been a very rough couple of weeks, could I have one order of "a healthy dose of Happy with a little sunshiny heart" on the side please.   I'd just like to feel giddy with happy again sometime soon!   <3  
One can only stand feeling like I need a really good cry for so long; while I only cried briefly last night with the weight of others sadness upon my heart.   I think I've been almost cry free for close to a full week.
Yes, the #5 is perfect "Healthy dose of Happy with  a little sunshiny heart" on the side.   Thank you.
...Would you be so kind to refill my water please, sadness leaves me parched.  xo


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  2. When others cry, it's not to weigh heavy upon your heart, it's to lessen the burden upon theirs. Don't cry for them, but by all means, cry with them. Cry unabashedly.

    But should they find an excuse to laugh, laugh with them. Laugh unabashedly.

    I happen to believe that tears and laughter, while at opposite ends of the spectrum, are equally good for the soul, and the benefit of embracing either is that you're sharing it with someone who loves you. Because anyone who cries with you, or laughs with you, loves you.

    I cried with you a little bit tonight, but I know we'll soon be laughing together like the fools we are.


  3. I understand about others sadness and hope to have lessened someones burden on their own heart and have cried with them, often and most recently.
    I will look forward to sharing great belly laughs with you...'til I cry...that's just what happens! :o)


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