Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 41 - CT Scans...And I'm allll warm and fuzzy!

Tuesday morning this week; yesterday, John and I reported to the hospital Diagnostic Dept. for my CT Scan appt. at 9:40 a.m. .
I really didn't know what to expect, though in my mind that is the machine I've seen on so many television shows where the patient looks like they are being held in a culvert and asked to remain still.  Just the thought of it has always made me feel a little claustrophobic, even when I don't consider myself to be inclined that way.
After being led, like before upon my day of surgery three weeks ago, I am led to the "Gowning Room"; more a gowning cubicle in this department.  When I emerge the volunteer tells me these gowns; new ones, really look good on me!   Maybe I ought to pinch a set of these stunning gowns to don at home following my next surgery!  Another nurse comes along and we stroll to the room where the apparatus awaits my presence.
Good news, the CT Scan is like a giant donut and you only enter into the hole of the donut up to your eyes.
Before going to the "slab" that runs back and forth into and out of the donut hole, the tech nurse explains everything.   You will take in a breath and hold once inside, then release the breath as you are coming out.
She also mentions at one point once the dye; injected into your bloodstream intervenously, will travel the length of your body and may cause a funny taste in your mouth, AND you will feel very warm and fuzzy AND WILL, feel like you are wetting yourself!!!!  At mention of wetting myself I ask if I have time to use the washroom one more time; a little insurance.   I exit and return and she assures me I won't ACTUALLY wet myself it will just feel that way!  Whew, I do hope she is right; I think to myself!
Above the CT is a very pretty little mobile with butterflies set at varied lengths, I decide if this is at all scary I will either close my eyes or focus on the butterflies.
The great part is there is an automated voice; Wonder Voice, telling you exactly what to do as well as little picture prompters of a face, first with mouth open; which lights up.  Then the little face with it's mouth closed lights up prompting you to hold your breath.  Then the number 5 display lights up and counts down to 1 and the little face along with Wonder Voice tells you to breath!  That one you need no prompts for, but it is only 5 seconds you need hold your breath!   At one point after the I.V was started the nurse held my arm up against the front of the CT and checked at the point of where the needle goes in, and happily announced, "It's going in and going where it should!", then added, "Wait for the warm and fuzzies!"!
The CT starts up again and this time sounds especially loud, like that of a great alien space craft...and I wonder am I entering another galaxy!?
Of course I waited with curiousity to feel the warm and fuzzy all over and most certainly and especially the "warmth like wetting" in thy nether regions!  My face suddenly became very warm, like I had just had a most embarrassing moment...or was thinking about one that might come along any second...And there it was!  LOL!
There was indeed a "warmth like wetting"!  I can't say I didn't like that feeling...something about it!  Well, I must admit  this new experience has peaked my curiosity of the many fancy new KY gels you see advertised. Further curiosity has been provoked!  <: ]  Slowly gliding along the track backwards from inside the CT, it sounds like the space craft is landing and as I look above to watch the mechanics inside the hole spinning round and round as the whir eventually comes to a complete halt.
Just like that all is done, i.v removed, and a quick trip to the ladies room for my own reassurance that I have not in fact wetted thyself!   With pride in my self regulation skills where my bladder is concerned, I want to announce, "I'm DRY!"!
I don't know when we will have our results, assuming we would before my next surgery on the 13th of April.  If all is clear then perhaps we won' news is good news.
In conclusion, one doesn't ever want to have any reason to need so many medical tests and procedures but in thinking of anyone who has to and especially where children are concerned, this particular test isn't so bad after all.
'Til next time!  xo

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