Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 15 - (a) HAIR away from Happy Thoughts

My day today doesn't pass without worrying about another family member, our cat Cloud, the eldest of our feline family.   He had an appt. with Dr. Shand this afternoon.
This evening I keep looking for him here at home and I know as I follow my bedtime routine I will check the porch rail for him at least once.   I know he is in good hands and will have medication this evening and likely a very good sleep.  They will have run blood tests to determine further his condition.   It was looking like there are liver disfunction as his skin and whites of his eyes are yellow.  At bedtime he always comes up to our bed, struts right past Dash; because he is the King of the house and can, then up onto my pillow and curls around my head.
  Good night Dear Cloud.

The rest of the day was alright nothing extraordinary to tell of, though was reminded by a dear friend of the amazing power listening to music through headphones can afford you in the happiness you feel and the strength you draw from that.   A few years ago I was one character in a most memorable cast of people for the Northumberland Players production of HAIR and spent many a night donning headphones and listening to the music over and over.   Often this involved also practicing the choreography to each piece.   In some manner, for a brief time, I owned our livingroom!  LOL!  It was so sad to see that production run come to an end as we truly became the tribe and indeed felt we were brothers and sisters and have maintained many of those connections!   Tonight that music was everything I didn't know I needed!   ...and John even ignored that I was singing out loud, while he watched the tv, in the same room!   That's why he's my Rock!...Maybe he should be my "Rambo" ...makes it through anything with me!  No ...I'll stick to my Rock...Rambo isn't one of my fave characters.
 I may be replacing Elton as my car pool tomorrow, taking the cast of HAIR along with me for a few days instead!   Tears of happiness stream while listening to HAIR...coupling the songs with the most wonderful of memories of being with some of the most amazing and beautiful people ever!

It's almost Friday and I look forward to the possibility of a "real" hair cut on Saturday morning at the hands of a trained professional, as opposed to "moi", doing a "home cut" beginning in the shower and ending in front of the bathroom mirror.    It could be moment from a horror movie...  "...a few moments alone in the bathroom when, as I open the drawer and am blinded by a glint of light reflected in a most shiny and sharp pair of scissors. Carefully and slowly I retrieve them and draw them up to where I can view them at their task in the mirror..."!  It's been since last August that I had a "real" haircut!
When people compliment me on my hair; assuming I had it professionally cut, I tell them not to do this again, because that only encourages me and gives me license/cause to cut my own hair again!

Well I am late getting to bed now, having been heading there from 10 p.m. each night, so I must go now and hope to have a good and full nights sleep; not always afforded me lately.
Good night to you.  xo

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