Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 29...Of "Dici" days, Yay for Visitors and a wee close shave closer!

It's one week today since my surgery, and it's been a few days since I last post and while I've come a long way from the glazed over, drug induced, just want to lay around, read briefly, perhaps eat a bite or two and fall back asleep post op' state of days past, I am still very much enjoying a daily afternoon siesta and am yet in some pain with the incisions I have been left with; or within the proximity of that(those) area(s).
I assumed two incisions would be the case but there are indeed three.  The two smaller of, being the most painful and affording the greatest level of discomfort and continous sense of "Ouch"!  
I had the pleasure of the company of my boss and a fellow employee/friend  come to call yesterday and brought some of the loveliest flowers and a card signed by those I work with in the OEYC and Child Care-so enjoyed these and the laughs we shared as well.   My fellow employee/friend,  was so kind as to bring me a couple of bra's that she had benefited from with her own surgery some time ago.   These are front closing bra's which, as I recently confessed to my mother, remind me of my younger days and my husband will have a chuckle too as we go down memory lane; while not quite the ease of a "Dici"!   I have since tried one and most helpful, but will confess to having taken it off a short time ago as even in it's "supporting elements" like any bra I don these days, I found it was becoming quite uncomfortable and have released my "hostages" from it's grip.  It's getting dark now so that will help conceal my "natural" way!  LOL.

I have made a couple of attempts to shave my underarms...egaaaaaaads, that hasn't gone so well.  It seems there is some numbness in that area on both underarms, but more prominently so on the right.   This area is well above the incisions on the outside of both breasts, but holy hannah, it's really sore there!  Apparently is has something to do with nerves that may have been cut into.  The larger incision on my back isn't nearly the trouble these other two are, but it looks so angry with the stitches and red and just angry.  I'll be happy to have the stitches out and see it healing up more.

I plan to return to work next week but must admit to having reservations!   Just the thought of picking up a child makes me cringe, or having a little one run full throttle to me; there is a little one that enjoys doing just that lately.  Ah, he used to shy away so it's been a welcome change to have him that happy to see me!  There is much coming up though as I prepare to shift programming gears and look forward to some change as well!  I can't remember when I had this much time at home and not having been on holiday!   I dont' feel ill, though tired and of course very sore and as I regain energy but remain sore find it a little frustrating!  Hmm maybe an umpires attire would be suitable until further healing takes place!

Next Thursday I will have my stitches out and receive the results of the surgery/lymph node biopsy.  I can't imagine it will be anything but good news.  The chances there will be any cancer beyond the lymph nodes is very slim from what I have read and our family could certainly stand some positive news lately.

In the midst of watching the movie "The Help" with a dear friend, I had some welcome and unexpected visitors, with my cousin and her daughter stepping in briefly and then my sister!  What fun I should have planned a pyjama party!   My friend  and I just finished watching the movie and enjoyed it immensely and she has just gone home. I must I now head up to my bed!   My back is hurting and I am weary.
It's been a wonderful day though with some of the loveliest people; LOL, I hear Barbara Streisand singing, too bad they couldn't all have stayed longer, we really could have had a one week since surgery celebration in style!  Here's to Good things ahead and good friends!  :o)  ...and do you hear Rod Stewart, "Have I told you lately that I love you?"!   I do!  xo

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