Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 33 ...Busy days and a mind busy with so many thoughts and, "If you like pina colada's"...time to runaway?

Ah, some oldies play over in my head and they feel like some sort of emotional rescue!   ...and that said, there's another great oldy; Rolling Stones!  The pina colada song drifted into my head too; Rupert Holmes, as I sat thinking, imagining John and I on some kind of great escape!   All in time I suppose!
It's just the nature of these days lately, so many unfortunate turn of events and all so very close together.  Each of a different nature but all so unfortunate, it's just feeling like we need a break, a change of fortune and to have a string of happier events would be so incredible.
I am hoping perhaps Thursday's appointment with the surgeon who performed my recent surgery will bring about a turn for the better!  That's the order of the day, but will at least mean the removal of my stitches!
I continue to be sore with regards to most interesting post surgery affects I am experiencing.  Thankfully  I have a lovely lady sharing what she knows from her own experiences and is able to advise me on what to do to help in the healing process and get through it without going crazy!
My right arm is very sore, as in it actually hurts to touch my skin from just behind my shoulder down my arm and almost to the elbow.   It feels like a bad sunburn or rash.   My left arm seems to be experiencing a different sensation in that from just above my elbow to just above my wrist on my arms underside feels like severe bruising.  Both underarms are extremely sore, at times feeling like a burning sensation, along with consistent numbness.  The actual incisions in this area are not sore and healing very well.   The larger incision from the excision on my back is a little sore at times and itches frequently which is a sign of healing, now that's positive.

All things aside there are some positives coming up in the near future, our daughter graduates from her course at Complections International School of Makeup Artistry http://www.complectionsmake-up.com/, April 27th.
While she is not a fan of city life, she has enjoyed the program immensely!  She has done very well and we are so happy for her and very proud of her.  In the fall she will add further studies to her repertoire as she will attend  Career School; http://www.careerschool.ca/ for hairstyling.

Next week I will have the opportunity to work a couple of days each week in a Kindergarten Classroom here in Port Hope in giving the teacher a chance to participate and experience what Full Day Learning looks like for a Kindergarten class.   Beatrice Strong will offer Full Day Kindergarten programs next fall; 2012.  Myself and another R.E.C.E will be in the class together for two weeks; four days, then she will return to her class and the teacher and I will continue with planning etc. for an additional eight weeks.

Well I'm getting a tad weary, today was a very busy day...planning our calendar at work for May to August programming, preparing for next week, busy with a landslide majority of play centre children in our care over those attending with parents for programs, messages, calls, and all that a busy day entails.   Busy IS good though in keeping your mind moving forward and active!
Hey, and how about that weather...GORGEOUS!   I await less pains in these arms so I may fully enjoy a day such as today in cleaning up flower gardens and preparing the yard for lots of fun outdoor days ahead!
Oh, and first bbq tonight ...hamburgers and salad for dinner!   Yyyyyyum!

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