Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 34 - It has to be a positively positive good day! ...positive vibes accepted here!

IT's been a very full and busy week to return to work!  While so sore continues, I am learning to cope and rise above it!   That's how one goes about living!

Tomorrow is a big day and I am keeping everything crossed, thinking positive thoughts and hoping for good karma all the day!   Along with having the stitches removed from my back and asking questions about the many "quirky" little things happening since the surgery, we will get the results from tests done following the excision and lymph node removal.  Along with feeling some numbness in my underarms, I feel I must be mind-numbed because I really haven't thought about the outcome of tomorrow.   Prior to surgery I had a great many thoughts that led me to tears quite frequently, but now....nothing really!   I think perhaps some form of defense...and that it has been a very busy week has in many ways been a very helpful thing!

My morning tomorrow begins early with a trip to Colborne to observe my friend and former collegue, Lisa in action; R.E.C.E,  working in the kindergarten class.  The kindergarten teacher from Beatrice Strong, will also be observing tomorrow.   Next week we will begin the first week of a 10 week program called Kindergarten Foundations.   I enjoyed just over an hour visit this morning in the kindergarten room, the second visit this week.  Tomorrow is the best day for this as it will keep my mind off of the appt. with Dr. Stratford at 1 p.m..
John will be joining me thankfully.  No leaving the appt. alone this time.

If you do prayer, I sure would appreciate a brief one, positive vibes, etc.!  Anything is sure to help-I know regardless I am still a very lucky person for all that I do have and know there are so many others in much less fortunate situations than I.   I'm not alone which already makes me so very fortunate.  My heart aches for those who face greater uncertainties with no-one, neither family or close friends to help them through such times.

Well I must shower, do some program write ups, read and head to bed soon!  Love ya'!  xo

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