Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 17 - Hometown Treasures

Up early today, in order that we get in to get our "hairs" done.   I'd almost forgotten that's how our former "DAC" Graham used to respond when noticing our new freshly coiffed hair..."Hey you got your "hairs" done-looks nice!".
Cloud slept with Alex all night.  Alex; our eldest son, said he didn't like to see him in the basement alone all night and I was feeling the same way.  He still looked so "trippy" late in the evening and non-reponsive to our contact.  He seems a little better this morning but having given him his required meds is once again not happy with us.  He wants so badly to be outdoors and I had let him out earlier very briefly and moments later went out to follow him.  He was in our neighbors yard and when I called to him, happily came to me.

My hair now "freshly coiffed" I imagine looking a little better than I might otherwise on Friday upon waking from my scheduled surgery.  While I might still awaken drooling, groggy and looking "trippy", my "hair's" stand a better chance of looking "in place"!  LOL!  ...especially when the "not so hard to look at" doctor comes to call!...oh, and John! ;o)
 For a "perk me up" following surgery I have picked up some of the latest product from the Wicked Wik shop...body frosting.  The Mulberry is so very lovely!   Rachel; the shop proprietor, has everything you need for a little self indulgence,  take a minute or (30) opportunities where your bathroom becomes your spa.with soaps, bath bombs, candles, creams and more!

We also stopped by Bibelot, another of my most favourite stores!  One day when the livingroom is finally refinished I hope to indulge in a wee bit of shopping there to add a few new touches to the decor/atmosphere of the room.   First, the bedroom and diningroom. The livingroom is going to be a big job...ceiling to floor!
I venture in to Bibelot for greeting cards...such lovely designs Patience Brewster and so many others, as well as unique gifts, trinkets, treasures and books!   We have found beautiful calligraphy sets which we were happy to gift our son and just today more such finds...and I think I'd like a set myself! ;o)  It's always a pleasure to stop by and browse and a quick visit with Elizabeth Stefoff, the shops proprietor; she also has the help of daughter Jann and Deborah C. there as well.  I am loving the colour she has recently adorned the walls in, with the help of "Hank" whom I was just introduced to today and told he does a marvelous job of painting...and especially in tight quarters!

Last stop before coming home; and all of this before noon today, My Sister's Closet.   I have money on account there from Christmas...compliments of my wonderful husband John!   It just feels like I'm walking in and spending without thinking about cost, though today even if I were the deals are amazing!   Triple treat with three colours of tags on sale at 50 % off!   I end up with two new tops and a pair of jeans for $17.00 and money left in the account!  LOVE IT!  I'm stealing Scotia Banks' saying...."I'm richer than I think"!

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