Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 24 - No movies, no chocolate...just sleep

Prior to having had this surgery I imagined my "Quick" recovery, that is thinking that day 1 after surgery I'd be indulging in the gifted treats, watch all of the movies in a day and would be reading through all magazines and looking for more to read!   LOL, funny how things don't go quite as we imagine.  This day has simply been about sleep, trying to keep even a little bit of water or ginger ale down in the tummy and being brave enough to shower and remove all bandages.
It isn't until late in the afternoon we take off the bandages and later I take a shower asking John to stay in the bathroom should I tumble.   I stand with my back to the shower head to loosen the multiple strips of steri tape left over the stitches in my back then turn for John to slowly remove them.  I admit to feeling a little whoozy as they come off and step out and sit for a moment.  Time to go back to bed.
That's the day in a nutshell.  Rest, rest, and more rest.

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