Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 30 Happy St. Patrick's Day, Happy Birthday Buddy... and *gasp* no Bailey's in the house!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Today is our future Son in Law's Birthday!  What a great day for a birthday, so much celebration!  Poor fellow presently nursing two broken arms!  While putting both arms in front of one as we are falling; in this case down a flight of stairs, seems logical it is in fact not such a great idea but I'm sure must be a manner of reflex!  Buddy did what most of us might also do and that is two broken arms explained.
A great day for a birthday but not such a great way to celebrate, especially in the style one might imagine one does on an Irish holiday!
My arms are intact; well, as long as we're not considering our "Arm pits" in the matter, that's a whole different story!  My ailment; arm pits aside, is the lack of Bailey's to enjoy on ice!   Well I'm sure there's something here that I might enjoy as well ...just a wee shot or so!   Otherwise, we'll just stick to pain killers and that's tied to the "whole different story" which if you've been following along you already know!
Cheers to you all!  Love ya'!  xo

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