Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 18 - Watching while another enjoys the simple pleasure of the sunshine

Our Cloud isn't doing so well, seems happy but is very thin and we're just having a couple of days here at home with him.   This afternoon John took him outside as he keeps going to the door to go out.   John walked about the yard with him and then he settled among the cedars bathing in the sunshine along Tullios lane just below our house.  He just wanted to lay in the sun and seemed so very contented doing so.   Poor fellow as weak as he is knows what he truly wants, just to be outdoors.   John went in and I then stayed with him a while before bringing him inside when we felt the air getting a bit colder.

It's been a rough weekend.   In retrospect a rough few weeks.   A quiet day here on the home front just getting some things done around the house and keeping an eye on our dear feline friend Cloud.

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