Saturday, March 3, 2012

Farewell to Cabaret...Bittersweet for Cast and Crew

This is the last night for Cabaret to WOW the audiences and they; cast and crew, will be both happy and sad!   Following the show tonight they will greatly enjoy some well deserved celebrations!  Much reminiscing and highlighting of great moments, behind the scenes "oops" and such and just celebrating the coming together of a fabulous group of people all intent on doing their very best in delivering a chin dropping, knock their socks off performance to an audience ripe with anticipation!
Sad because while they are immensely weary, sleep deprived and desperate for a return to the daily grind that is "normal" life, it is the more recent routine of late nights, fast food, hours of choreography and line runs and the camaraderie in putting the show together that will be missed!   There is a real HIGH in being on stage, performing, delivering that which the audience wants and doing it well and after it is all sad and done there is a real LOW, in that it's over.
If you missed Cabaret I am then sad for you, ah, you should have seen it!   Every aspect of the show makes the Northumberland Players shine so bright and each of the cast a star in their own right!   Fabulously done!
Enjoy yourselves tonight Cabaret Cast and Crew...tonight is your night~ it's your Cabaret!  <3 xo

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