Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 37 - A day called "NORMAL"

Today I had the good fortune of a wonderful time with a good friend.   I had the chance to play "Aunty" and yes, perhaps felt a little like a "Grandma" and quite enjoyed it all!
A little shopping as well as some sight seeing and an early dinner at Boston Pizza.
This day was the perfect prescription of "Normal" I needed!
Some of the best moments in watching her nearly 2 year old, making funny faces, mimicking me and watching his reactions to certain toys, and books at the store when he and I explored so his Mommy could go and try on clothes. store entertainer, or that's the yellow pages ad for Clowning School calling out again, or the call to become a Therapy Clown and work for Sick Kid's.   It's not the first time I've entertained those thoughts!  Ah, it was a great day for "Normal"!  I may need more of same in the days to come!

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