Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 19 - Monday Monday!

Ugh, it's Monday.   ...on the upside, it's a movie night with two lovely ladies I've been catching up with these days.   Glenda, whom I attended high school with and Wendy who has known John for a number of years!  Both ladies work at Shoppers downtown Port Hope, their specialty the post office!
A little dose of laughs with these ladies will surely inject a little more light heartedness into my day!  ...and does.
We enjoyed the movie the Vow, and while some very poignant and sad moments made some of our own funnies along the way and afterward went to the Black Bean and Steak for a drink; regular drinks, just a little above regular prices!   Glenda was treated because the bar tender had been into the post office and Glenda had really helped him out ...apparently he made many many trips back and forth and really wanted to have her pop by for a drink, compliments of him!   It was a fun night, met some people who know Alex; my son and met some others who were just fun to be around.
I came home to find our cat Cloud all curled up downstairs and really felt awful having to disturb him for his medication.  He's been so good about it though.   Upon heading to bed took him up to tuck him in where the food, water and litter box are easily accessible.

I am very tired...of sadness, of worry, of so much.
With each passing day the idea of being put under anesthetic and not "thinking" about anything for even a while on Friday for my surgery, is feeling more like an invite to a spa-like event than surgery .

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