Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 35 - A Good start...and making the best of a good/bad afternoon

This morning was a great morning.   I head out on the 401 for Colborne, arriving at 8:30 a.m to spend the morning observing at C.P.S with friend and former colleague Lisa in the All Day Learning Kindergarten Class where she is the R.E.C.E working with Miss Clark; Kindergarten Teacher.   Friend and Colleague Ann is also observing this morning.   It was a really good morning and while observing is key, it's difficult not to jump in and be a part of the activities.   What a lovely group of children and very welcoming toward their visitors.

I left the class at 11:45 and headed back to Port Hope to meet Hubby at home for lunch and then to our appt. with Dr. S for our post surgery results.
This afternoon was both good and bad news. I sent John back out to the waiting room, the little room we are waiting in is very warm, he's working at making funnies; God bless him, but snapping gum and well, I'm getting less patient by the minute; nerves I suppose, and don't wish to be angry with someone who is only trying to help keep the mood light and make me laugh!   I love him dearly! 
John had also thought that perhaps I should remove my shirt in prep for Dr. Stratford to remove the stitches.   I think he meant well; Hmmm, but the minute the door should open I'm sitting in direct view of the waiting room.  I remind him one doesn't generally remove any clothing until the doctor comes in and then allows you time to do so with dignity!  LOL!

I am jolted to wakedness on the opening of the door; i had fallen to just the other side of sleep.

The lovely doctor arrives and discusses the good news, at the original site of the melanoma, they were able to get everything, it is clear, and then the less joyful news.   While the Left arm lymph nodes are clear the right arm Lymph nodes,show  melanoma present. 

I will have a CT scan soon and am booked for surgery on the 13th of April, yay and it's a pj party this time. An Overnighter...woot, woot!
Sometime after the surgery I will see an Oncologist to discuss whether or not Interferon treatments should be part of the course of action.

We then discuss the incision on my back and how does it feel.   It feels good, some soreness but very minimal, and of course there is some itching, but that aside, doing Great!   He's very polite and before asking that I lay face down in order that he may remove the stitches, asks if I would like a gown.   In an instant I can visualize myself splayed on the surgical table; not a pretty picture and tell him no, it really isn't necessary.   I am after all wearing a bra and not exposing anything more than my back!  He's already been there!  He states in somewhat of a question, "So you have a cousin who works in ICU in Kingston.(?)".   Yes I do I reply to him.   "You know Beth?, Beth Reed?".

He says yes,  and that he actually worked with her on this past Saturday!   Cool, I have an in with Dr. Stratford!  How about that!  I then explain that her sister my cousin also; of course, had been at my home on the Friday night, it was great to see her!   My sister and I had had a lovely weekend at Beth's back in the fall.  Our drive home was somewhat of a colour tour and I took my sister on the route through Glenora, which reminded her of Digby; the digby neck, Nova Scotia.   It's a very pretty little spot Glenora. Maybe a spring tour!!!
Once the sutures are removed Dr. S, goes to his next patient while I pop on my top and ask John to come in so he too will hear all of what Dr. S has to say and between us will keep the facts straight.   Hearing it all again sounds a little scary but there really aren't a lot of choices and those I hypothetically present; playing devil's advocate, will eventually lead us down the very same path.
It's funny, I don't really feel anything ...emotionally;perhaps it just doesn't seem real?...It will be real enough when I get to don those gorgeous gowns again and get asked how my breathing is several times in a day! 
Physically I'm still sore under both arms and my right arm in particular the worst with a constant sensation of a severe sunburn and both arms feeling at times like there is something stuffed into the bottom back portion of my lower armpit inner shoulder.
I will just have enough time to complete recovery #1 and have another date via surgical suite with DR. Stratford! Not too shabby! LOL....well I AM trying to find the positives here! AFter that I don't think I'll see him again until next check up; 6 months I think and again for my 1st Colonoscopy!  More fun times!

Well it's been a long day and while offered a day off tomorrow, don't really see the benefit in that; time to sit about thinking about everything that I don't really want to think about THAT much!  Besides it's Friday and missing the day would also make me feel even less prepared for the start of a whole new ball game on Monday; setting up a full day learning program in a pre-existing Kindergarten class.  I know it's going to be great and the teacher is on board and excited too and with the great team we have will work together to create a positive model to precede the start of next years program which will be the official start to Full day every day learning for this particular school.

'Til next time.  Love ya'.  xo

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