Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 20 - Bring on MORE Happy Thoughts...it's a tough day inside my head.

I wish I could stay home and just take care of Cloud...hold him for a couple of hours and make sure he knows just how much we love him.  I woke up about 4:30 a.m and Cloud had come to our room and was curled up right beside me.   I love him so.  We know we have a decision to make and it will leave us broken hearted but be the better for Cloud as you can see he is growing more weary with each passing day.

I called the hospital this morning to confirm surgery time on Friday, I must be at the hospital by 7 a.m (gasp), and surgery is on for 9:30 a.m. .  Oh well, I WILL get a little extra sleep there!  ;o)  Today is the first day in a while I have had perhaps too many thoughts in my head that allowed to stay for any length of time invoke tears and they do on my way home today.   I try to drown them out with music and OTHER thoughts!

 Today is a busy day with regular happenings and then packing more of the weekly prizes for The Great Literacy Race; our student is away today, then staying later this afternoon to completely pack allllll bags destined for the special wrap up event at the Library tomorrow.  We packed several hundred books into book bags sorted to specific classrooms in specific schools all around the county. DONE.

I head downtown with initial intentions of indulging in another nap at the Pier!  Today though I decide to go visit someone and when they aren't in, do for the last 15 minutes before start time (2), head to the pier.  The waves are fabulous and while there is some water splashing and spraying up over the end of the pier and would be lovely to park there and drift off I decide to park along the east side and watch the waves roll into the beach.  I could spend hours here!
A full day in the OEYC, and then off to our evening program Winners at St. Joseph's school!  Our few regular families show up and are so appreciative of the program and really don't want this to be our last night.  I will miss a couple of the kids in particular!   It's been a good run and I do enjoy this program.   Next up, the 10 weeks I will spend in the Kindergarten class at Beatrice strong.

Well, it's getting late, my eyes grow heavy and I should head off to bed.  John has already headed up.
Good night to all.   xo

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