Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 22 - I'm just pooped and ready for the "knock out round"!

Tomorrow is like a spa day...arrive early get primped and primed, a nice gown to don for the occasion; no real choice of colour or style, but that's o.k, I doubt I'll give it a second thought.
Hmmm, a little presentation, some nice sedatives and voila!  While I'm out they do some fancy work and when I wake up it's all behind me; IS going to be on my back after all...and under my arm!  I even bought a couple of new bras for the occasion; no underwires for this girl for a few days...or maybe I'll choose never again, besides they can wreak havoc with ones clothes dryer!   I have packed a little bag, had my last supper; presurgery and will look forward to a filling glass of apple juice before 6:30 a.m. tomorrow!   ...And for the next few days an agenda that looks more like a film festival of sorts!   Movies to attend; in my own bedroom, books to read and treats to tackle; like that's a problem!   I know I'll be sore, but it'll be fine and then the hardest part of all, waiting for the results...7 to 10 days!
This too will pass and what has already helped in this scary turn of events which still seems surreal is the people who are all around us, those I work closely with, those who are like family to me and those who have come forward in sharing their stories and letting me know it's o.k to be scared and that one just needs to take from this experience the details of it and all of the wonder and science in the care that I will benefit from and learning more about the very thing that has brought me to this point.   Big hugs to you all, you can't truly know how much you mean to me and sometimes how hard it is to share such a thing.   Reminds me of sending out links for fundraising, I always stop and imagine that person receiving the link and wondering if they will be like, "Oh man, I can't believe she sent this to me!"!   Good night.  Love you!  <3

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  1. Was thinking about you all day today (friday) Praying all went well!


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