Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 21 - Good Byes and I'd like to sucker punch Mother Nature

Today has been a very long day.   I spent the day thinking about our beautiful and beloved cat Cloud; soft as a ..., named by our son Chris.   Cloud is thirteen years old.  This morning I called the vet to book an appt. to have our friend Cloud euthanized, it's time to say good bye to him.   He was at the vets overnight Thursday last and we brought him home with the hope of things turning around, hoping to interest him in eating once again, but only a couple moments of hopefulness then dashed when he again refused to eat or vomited any morsel of food he managed to indulge in.   Each day I raced home to go to him in the hopes of positive change, looking stronger etc..   Of course no matter how prepared we think we are, we simply do not want to let go, until we realize for the sake of the one suffering must then let go.   He enjoyed some time outdoors with us following him and watching as he soaked up some sunshine Sunday afternoon and actually seemed to be "enjoying" himself, but then brought him in when the air felt a little cooler and the wind picked up.   Each night he either slept with our son,  or with myself and John always on the pillow curled around my head; as ususal, or would retreat to solace in the basement on a down filled sleeping bag on the futon.
We made our goodbyes and he was put to rest in a favourite brown cardigan John wore and that Cloud loved from the time he was very young.  John would put it on button the bottom four buttons and Cloud would climb into the sweater and fall asleep. A little cat nip sock and kitty treats.  May sound weird, but seemed very very appropriate for such a dear friend.  He is laid to rest in the Sedum garden in front of the little deck by the fire circle, where he could often be found sprawled out upon the deck in the warmest portion of a spring, summer or fall day.   He really was such a lovely, cuddly and personable cat, with people, other cats and even our Dash.  We loved him so and he is greatly missed.

On another note, Friday is my surgery and as it draws near and my nerves heighten a little, who should rear her UGLY head, ...pardon me, but the maliscious little bitch that is Mother Nature!  I should have known she would show up and make a less than wonderful time even less than wonderful time.   I'd like to sucker punch her!

What a day.  Good night. xo

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