Saturday, March 17, 2012

Early to Bed For Mrs. Bleary Eyes...and a change forecast!

Last night following the movie The Help; watched in it's completion after a few stops and starts, I wrote a blog and headed to bed, it was just after midnight.   That was the first such late night I've had in over two weeks.  It looks like I won't be doing that any more.  This morning I didn't crawl out of bed until just before 11 A.M!  I felt like a cat, and there on the chest by the window was our lovely Alfie, all curled up sleeping and smiling with such a look of great comfort and relaxation upon his little face.   I feel very rested.  While having to get used to sleeping on my back, I'm doing fine!    Always a spooner I can only indulge in spooning ever so briefly before I am reminded of "the surgery" and have to roll over.  Hmmm, maybe when repainting the bedroom I should consider a masterpiece for the ceiling!  
The need to be in bed early just might be the change I have hoped for.  I'll be in bed no later than 10:30, and WILL will myself to be up early and get out for that morning walk I have long thought would be such a lovely way to start the day!  I'm sure John would love the responsibility of being my "wake-up" call!

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